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Activity and strategy

Pumpkin Experience Book

Create your own pumpkin experience book with students with visual impairments, deafblindness or multiple disabilities

One of the life skills classrooms I visit on a daily basis consistently goes above my expectations! The teacher works tirelessly to find ways for every lesson to reach every student.


The Pumpkin Carving Experience

Recently the students in her room helped to carve and “gut” a pumpkin.  In this sensory activity, they experienced all of the textures, and discussed what they felt and smelled as they did the activity. A literacy activity followed. 


Creating a Tactile Pumpkin Book

Textured page of pumpkin book

The teacher created experience pages for the entire class. Instead of having them do the typical draw and color, she had them use some of the pumpkin seeds and yarn to simulate what they touched inside the pumpkin! For my student who is visually impaired, the teacher gave her a tactile front page. 

They plan to add to this over the days until Halloween. 

Student making orange juice with a teacher using a juicing machine.
Activity and strategy

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