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Pumpkin Themed Literacy Ideas

Using a pumpkin theme for learning during the autumn months creates opportunities to connect several benchmark goals for our students with visual impairments.

Young boy holding a bumpy pumpkin outside surrounded by pumpkins

Pumpkins have become a symbol of autumn and can be used in our learning across curriculum connecting goals. Explore the ideas below to help incorporate pumpkins in your curriculum this year.

Adapting a Pumpkin Thematic Unit for Student with Visual Impairments

Ideas to adapt a thematic pumpkin unit for Kindergarten students with visual impairments, autism and other special needs.

Five Little Pumpkins

In this activity, the Halloween poem “Five Little Pumpkins” is used to work on counting, matching, fine motor skills, and visual attention.

Experience Book about Fall Pumpkin Craft Activity

This tactile fall pumpkin book uses real objects, braille and large print to discuss the experience of making a fall pumpkin book with students who are blind or visually impaired.

Braille Design: Jack-O-Lantern!

Halloween braille design of a Jack-O-Lantern has directions of how to create it in braille. This is a fun project for braille users! (This design includes UEB contractions ONLY!)

Pumpkin Writing Prompts

Every pumpkin has a story to tell! Be sure to discuss and compare sizes, textures, and smells using these examples of writing prompts.

Duck and Goose find a pumpkin book cover with an illustration of little duck and goose on top of a pumpkin.

Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin available in braille from Seedlings

Duck and Goose see a friend with a pumpkin and decide to get one of their own. They look for a pumpkin in all sorts of silly places before they finally hear about a pumpkin patch. The text is short, simple, and witty!

PUMPKINS Fine Motor Busy Bins

Pumpkin sensory bins and fine motor bins are a must in every young classroom. These activities are easily adapted and can be a jumping off point for goal specific lessons with your TVI and OT. Try using raised lined paper for pumpkin decorating and use textures like rice, confetti, or small pieces of tissue paper to glue onto the raised line drawing.

Bring in real pumpkins and decorate them and have fun while learning!

Pumpkin Themed Literacy Ideas title with a drawing of a pumpkin.

Ear of corn

Thanksgiving Concept Box

Thanksgiving placemat with cut out paper hands and a cut out foot in the middle with a child's hands touching the braille words on them. It is What They are Thankful for...Mom, Dad, dog

Braille Turkey Placemat

The numbers 1 through 9 shown on a red background

Introducing Numbers: Tips and Tricks