Active learning

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Group of clovers

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Ti'Tains name with photos showing examples of how to use them like card tower connectors to build and to hold cards at a table.

TI’TAINS is an Innovative Tool to Use with Play while Learning

A student holding a piece of paper with a variety of line types such as vertical lines, spirals, a dotted line, and a set of intersecting lines.

Let’s Learn Lines

Young children at a table, each have a sand bin and are playing with toys in it

Essential Multi-Sensory Intervention

Hands of 2 children with dough and a cookie cutter
Activity and strategy

Summer Recipes to Create Teachable Moments for your Child with Visual Impairments

Little boy reading a book on a soft bench at the library. Books are on shelves around him.
Tips and guides

Going to the Library with a Child Who has a Visual Impairment and Adaptive Needs