Accessible Image Sample Book

Learn to create accessible versions of digital images, such as maps, charts, diagrams and photographs.

The DIAGRAM (Digital Image And Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials) Center is a Benetech Global Literacy Initiative.  They have created an Accessible Image Sample Book, which is a free online resource that shows you what some of the many options are for creating accessible versions of digital images such as maps, bar charts, diagrams, mathematical expressions,and  photographs.  Find out the different ways that an image can be made accessible, including short and long descriptions, tactile graphics, MathML, sonification, audio description, and 3D printing. This resource can be used as a guide when creating accessible images in your own digital books and other digital publications. 

Learn more by watching the webinar presented by its creators:  Suzy Haines (Benetech), Lucia Hasty (Rocky Mountain Braille Associates), Steve Noble (Bridge Multimedia), and Elaine Ober (Pearson), with Geoff Freed, Bryan Gould, and Madeleine Rothberg of the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) at WGBH.  The powerpoint slides are also available for download:…