Bethany Stays for 1 Sleepover with 1 Nana: Developing the Concept of “Oneness”

This book for emergent braille readers used tactile illustrations and a simple story to reinforce the concept of the number "one".

Story – Book of 1: When Bethany stays for 1 sleepover with 1 Nana

Begin by reading the book below about Bethany and then try some of the related activities listed to reinforce the concept of “1”.


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When Bethany stayed with nana for 1 night for 1 sleepover

She took 1 bag.


She took 1 toothbruch


She took 1 toothbrush.

She took 1 book.

She took 1 nightdress.


Bethany took 1 special Teddy


Bethany took 1 special Teddy that she loves the most.

Teddy is called Hugabugs.







Teddy had 1 head with only 1 eye and 1 ear.

Teddy had 1 body with only 1 arm and 1 leg.




Tips for the Book of 1

Aim: To develop the concept of  ‘oneness’

This is another book in the series I have shared on Paths to Literacy previously about developing the oneness of one and the twoness of two. (See “Tom makes one pizza,” and “Two children go to the beach” – within the literacy and numeracy resource about Buckets)

A book to make alongside the child after they have had the real experience. 

Developing the oneness of one based on the child’s real experience.

Make up your own stories with the child to develop the oneness of one, the twoness of two etc.

  1. Explore pictures opposite text. Explain to the child what they are and the different parts.
  2. Allow child to find real things in a bag as the story progresses.
  3. Play staying at Nana’s for one night.
  4. Follow up by asking the children to bring their own items that they would pack if they were staying the night with Nana.
  5. Count who has the most items, count in and out of the children’s bags.
  6. Choose 1 item to tell everyone about.
  7. Sort lightest,  heaviest bag, smallest, largest bags.
  8. Make a simple bar/tally chart to illustrate.
  9. Sort all the toys from the children’s bags into hard/soft, wheels/no wheels, colours etc.

oneness collage


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