Circle Time Book for Students with Low Vision

Circle time book for students with low vision or visual impairments

A student of mine in a self-contained elementary class was being asked during circle time to view badly copied images that had been laminated. Not only did my student NOT want to view the book, she wanted nothing to do with the entire activity. As a result, negative behaviors were occurring.
I recreated many of the pages that were in the book that each of the students were to use during the activity. I printed mine on card stock so there would be no need for lamination. It is too early to say it is or isn’t working as she’s only had it a few days. Reports are that she is accessing the book and is no longer attempting to leave the area. Time will tell if this is successful or not for her.

abc's laminated page

It is important to be able to see the materials that the students use in the classrooms so we can better assist the teachers. It’s a delicate balance we walk. While I praised the teacher on having a ‘wonderful book’ for her students to follow along with, I also asked politely if I could borrow the book to make a few minor adjustments so the student we share might be able to view the information on the pages a bit more easily.
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