CVI on the Fly title and logo that is heart with wings, under that are the words: learn, observe, vary, explore

CVI on the Fly- A Quick Start Guide for Families

A guide intended to be downloaded for FREE from the CVI Book Nook website and distributed to parents and caregivers raising children who are visually impaired and have CVI.

Amy Shepherd is a teacher and a mom of a legally blind son. She has a master’s degree in elementary education and works as a substitute teacher for the Washtenaw Intermediate School District Teachers for the Visually Impaired Team. Amy is also the Parent Liaison to the MI Dept. of Ed. Low Incidence Outreach.

Amy created the website: The CVI Book Nook. Her hard work is reflected in this website, and now has added this book guide, available for FREE. Learn more about Amy, her family’s journey, and the knowledge she has shared through her experiences as a teacher and parent.

While no resource is a “one size fits all” for students who have CVI, this quick start guide can help families who are in need of guidance and support.

To download go to this link

The most important thing I have learned is that raising a child with CVI begins and ends with LOVE.
Learn, Observe, Vary, Explore.

More about Amy Shepherd and her work here