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The CViConnect Professional Edition is designed to allow a student’s educational team to work collaboratively in order to provide a consistent approach at school and home.

By Stephanie Steffer

CViConnect is a new and innovative iPad-based software system, designed for use with children with CVI.

CViConnect provides accessible activities created to align with the characteristics of CVI.  The team at CViConnect understands that accommodations for children with CVI cannot be a one size fits all; and have prepared a full library of activities scaffolded to help meet those unique needs.  Additionally, CViConnect uses the camera inside of the iPad to detect whether or not the child is looking at or away from the activity. This information is correlated with what is being displayed on the screen to help the family or teacher understand what is providing the best visual stimulation for the student.  Two different apps and subscriptions are available. 

CViConnect for Families

The first, for families; the CViConnect app offers the ability to work with the child at home. Families can present activities to the child, monitor results, and consult with CViConnect Support Professionals. 

Some of the key features of CViConnect Family Service pack include: 

  • A full library of activities created for CVI Phases I, II, and III 
  • Both look and touch detection 
  • Fully HIPAA compliant 

CVi Connect Pro

The second, CViConnect PRO, allows a teacher to formally plan activities for the student and deliver those activities for use in the classroom or while the student is at home.  CViConnect provides tools for monitoring and charting the progress of the student as they work towards their goals.  Further, the system captures statistical data about the interactions of the student during a session, which can then be used by the teacher to reflect and make data-based instructional decisions in their approach to working with the specific student.   

The CViConnect Pro application runs activities on an iPad, although professionals can access most features through a standard web browser.  Some of the key features include: 

  • Allows professionals to support multiple students 
  • A full library of activities created for CVI Phases I, II, and III
  • Activity designer for teachers to customize activities to meet their individual needs of each student 
  • Both look and touch detection with automatic tracking 
  • Fully HIPAA compliant 
  • Score and monitor growth over time using The CVI Range (with scoring criteria and comments) 
  • Integration with the CViConnect Home Edition for End-to-End tracking

While CViConnect was designed with the CVI learner in mind, many subscribers have indicated they utilize the system’s activities and data collection for many other students on their caseload as well.  More information can be found on their website at

CViConnect also offers a number of support videos on their YouTube channel:

Screenshot of CVI Connect YouTube channel
Screenshot of CVI Connect YouTube channel