Easy-Easier Posting Box

A tool promote self-esteem and self-determination, by encouraging learners to identify tasks that they would like to find easier.

A simple and effective tool for practitioners and children to measure progress.

Children love having a ‘voice’ and being in the ‘Driving Seat’ with this simple posting activity, which promotes emotional well being, recognition of strengths as well as offering them a way to measure their own success and progress in any curriculum activity, e.g. developing literacy skill, social skills, daily living skills.

Using the Easy-Easier Posting Box with children provides practitioners with a simple framework to measure the impact of their intervention on the child’s progress.


Using the Easy-Easier Posting Box

  • Children post curriculum activity tickets in either the “easy” or “easier” slot by asking themselves the question: “Do I find this task easy?” or, “Would I like to find this task easier?”
  • Any tickets posted in the “easier” slot form the child’s targets for intervention. Interventions are then implemented by the practitioner to meet the child’s needs and enable them to find the task easier.
  • It is then the child’s decision when to re-post the ticket in the ‘easy’ slot. This is important, that it is the child’s decision and not the professional’s!

Review sheets, goal planning sheets and measuring progress graphs accompany this resource to enable progress to be charted and recorded over three review periods across the year.  

Outcome:  The Child is supported to measure their own progress and success, the practitioner has a framework to chart progress and to measure the difference their intervention has made.

Practitioners could make their own version of this box, writing tickets for the child to post according to the stage they are at. 

I have used this posting box with a 5 year old, a 13 year old and a 16 year old. (I made tickets appropriate to their age, situation, means of access.)  E.g. Read along in my Braille feely book, read Braille wordsigns, write on the line of the page, use my black pen to write with, use the laptop to present my written work)

No one is too old for this concept!

The children and young people I used it with really loved it. The 13 year old said it helped her to understand her access, the 16 year old had insisted that she was ‘fine’ (a new student I was seeing) but when I asked her to do this activity, quite a few tickets went in the ‘easier’ pile. This was a very bright student too! I think it really helped her to analyse where she was at. 

It is important not to change the language used e.g. don’t change the language from easy -easier, the aim of the box is its positivity which is why it supports positive self esteem. I think this resource would be great for families to have at home, to get everyone into the easy-easier approach! 

The Easy-Easier Posting Box, plus pack with tickets and review sheets, graphs etc is also available to purchase from Positive Eye.