I-M-ABLE: Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education

I-M-ABLE approach to teaching braille to students who have difficulty learning

I-M-ABLE: Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education  by Diane P. Wormsley, Ph.D. is available from APH in paperback, online, and ebook formats.

AFB describes the book as follows:

“I-M-ABLE, or the Individualized Meaning-Centered Approach to Braille Literacy Education, is an innovative, individualized, student-centered method for teaching braille and making it exciting for children who have difficulties learning braille. In this teaching approach, instruction is centered on continuously analyzing the strengths and needs of students, placing particular emphasis on engaging them using key vocabulary words and phrases based on their experiences and interests. This comprehensive practice guide provides detailed direction on how to implement the components of the approach. Teachers will find this resource invaluable for helping students with mild to moderate cognitive impairments or other difficulties make progress in braille reading and writing, and all the skills that it encompasses.”

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to I-M-ABLE
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started: Assessment and Incorporating Early Literacy Instruction
  • Chapter 3: Helping Students Select Key Vocabulary Words or Phrases
  • Chapter 4: Introducing Key Vocabulary Words and Phrases
  • Chapter 5: Teaching Students to Track across Multiple Lines of Braille
  • Chapter 6: Teaching Writing Mechanics in a Meaningful Way
  • Chapter 7: Collaborating with Students to Create Key Vocabulary Stories
  • Chapter 8: Using Key Vocabulary Words to Teach Phonics, Letter Recognition, and Contractions
  • Chapter 9: Applying and Expanding the Student’s Reading and Writing Vocabulary
  • Chapter 10: Helping Students Read Fluently