Make Your Own Adapted Paper

Make your own special paper for students with low vision!

With money being tight in many districts, ordering special paper is not always a priority. Over the years, I’ve either created special paper or worked with an OT who created some for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t always save the paper I’ve made over the years. I recommend not recreating the wheel each time — save what you make or find.

The cool thing about having paper samples on your computer is that you can print the paper on whatever color your student may require! You can change the size of the lines, color of the lines, line ‘weight’, bold lines, dotted lines, and page orientation.

I just created the journal.doc today as a teacher was going to order a set of 12 for $14.00 online out of her own pocket. I borrowed a computer and whipped this up in about 10 minutes. All she has to do now is copy as many pages of the second page as she needs for the size of the journals she wants the students to have. Then to finish them off, bind them however she wants.

I have added red dots at the beginning of a line to aid the student in knowing where to start writing. This is vitally important when the child’s visual fields are affected and the child is a beginning reader.

Here are some paper samples:
journal printable paperJournal printable paperlines for printable paper
blank boxes on a sheet for printable paperlines for printable paperJournal printable paper
Make your own paper collage