New Chapter Books for Grades 4-7 with Main Characters Who Are Blind

These two new chapter books for readers in grades 4-7 feature main characters who are blind and are available in print and braille.

By Mary Tellefson

I am a retired TV/O&M who has written two chapter books for children in grades 4-7 that feature main characters who are blind.  I wrote these books FOR the kids we serve and I am eager to get them in their hands!  Both books are available in braille and print (hardcover and paperback).

Two Canes on the Tundra is about a Yupik boy who is blind and his family. It was inspired by a trip I took to a Yupik village to supervise an O&M intern from Portland State University. It is full of culture and real-experiences that a child who is blind may encounter.  How does the story of an ancestor delivering mail by dog sled help Apu accept his cane?  Great classroom read for blind and sighted students alike. The book sells for $12.99; braille copies are around $18.00 from

The second is titled Blooming Besties and is the story of a friendship between a girl who is blind and her sighted side kick. The story spans their 4th through 7th grade years. (135 pages, 14 pt print). What could a blind fourth grader do to get her suspended from school?  It is really fun and is written at a 5th grade level.  Please read the flyer below for more details! $14.99 print/$20 braille.

There are so many great themes for school-aged kids in each book.  Most importantly, the characters are real and positive.

For schools or organizations that purchase a minimum of 10 books, I will give a free zoom presentation on the Alaskan village I visited.  It is remote and only has running water in the schools! Can only get there by bush plane!

Flyer for two canes on the tundra
Flyer for “Two Canes on the Tundra”
Blooming Besties flyer
Flyer for “Blooming Besties
Collage of new chapter books