Questions to Ask Your Child’s Audiologist

Wondering what to ask your child's audiologist? This list of questions can help you get started!

It can be helpful to prepare a list of questions for you child’s audiologist before going to the appointment.  Here are two resources that can help you to develop a list of questions that may be able to help you prepare for the appointment.

Questions for Your Audiologist

by Jill Grattan, Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project
Includes questions for the audiologist, screening questions, and assistive device and hearing aid questions.  This document may be useful to parents and families, as well as to teachers and other professionals.

Questions You May Want to Ask Your Child’s Audiologist

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)
In English and Spanish (Español :  Preguntas que usted le podría hacer al audiólogo de su hijo)
  1. How much hearing loss does my child have? Please explain the terms: sensorineural, conductive, mixed, mild, moderate, severe, profound, auditory neuropathy.
  2. Is the loss permanent? Does my child need more testing? How often should my child’s hearing be tested?
  3. Can you tell if my child’s hearing loss will get worse or change?
  4. Do both ears have the same hearing loss?
  5. How will the hearing loss affect my child’s speech and language development?
  6. What could have caused my child’s hearing loss?
  7. Would you suggest genetic counseling for our family?
  8. May I have a copy of the hearing test results? (Attach and explain the audiogram or other information to this form.)

Questions about hearing aids and cochlear implants (an electronic device placed under the skin behind the ear):

  1. Does my child need a hearing aid?

    • What are my choices?
    • Should he or she have a hearing aid in both ears?
  2. How much do hearing aids cost?

    • Can I get help to pay for the hearing aids?
  3. Can you help me contact a program that can lend me hearing aids?
  4. What will my child hear with the hearing aids?
  5. How often will my child need new hearing aids or parts?