Resources for TVIs That Support Online Instruction

Resources for TVIs (teachers of students with visual impairments) to support online instruction.

I am making new resources for TVIs that support online instruction available for free to anyone who has purchased the TVI’s Guide to Teaching the ECC Complete Bonus Set as my way of saying thank you. Anyone else is able to purchase them as stand-alone resources. 

The first is a set of 16 Interactive Sensory Stories that are each PowerPoint shows. It comes with an instruction book that lists suggested materials, a copy of the text and suggestions of multisensory activities for each page. I selected materials and activities that can be supported at home during this time as most materials are commonly available or can be adapted. The back of the book contains a step-by-step tutorial on creating custom stories. It is available for $25 or free with the purchase of the complete set.

The second resource is a set of 16 Interactive Matching Activities. The activities use the same sensory stories above, but it is turned into a computer matching game that encourages the student to visually discriminate, visually scan and reinforces computer skills of eye-hand coordination to touch the correct picture if using a touch screen, or drag the mouse and click on the correct picture.

Finally, the Interactive Visual Discrimination Activities are also available.

The 16 stories align with units within the TVI’s Guide to Teaching the ECC, but are relevant to concepts that can be supported at home.