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A Moment of Outreach with Expanded Core Curriculum Videos

Discover these short videos on all nine areas of ECC and use it to focus on each topic area like this team did during the school year.

Boy watering container garden.

I created a video for each area of the Expanded Core Curriculum that explains the topic in about 3 minutes. These videos are sent out in a newsletter at the beginning of the month. Since there are 9 months in the school year, each month focuses on an area of the ECC! I tried to have a vocabulary list ready to go for each area (maybe even a word wall!). I created lessons and activities (classroom stations/bins) that go along with each area, that way by the end of the year I have covered something in every single area.

Nine Areas of ECC in the order we presented them:

Our Outreach Program even coordinated to have short courses available each month tied to each area of the ECC covered in the video. These videos are great to share with parents, students, and even school staff to bring awareness to what our students need.

This may help you as educators plan for next year! We plan to do it again! 

Start here to view the first video in the series

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Woman holding an asian dish that has ramen, an egg, and veggies.

The Blind Kitchen

Student with headphones at a desktop computer

The Core Curriculum for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, Including Those with Additional Disabilities