Scripts of Mathematics Made Easy Videos

ICEVI has created scripts of the instructional math videos from the "Mathematics Made Easy" project.

The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) has created scripts to accompany the 30 instructional videos in the “Mathematics Made Easy” series, which are available on their YouTube Channel.  Having the scripts available to the public in English should help to facilitate their translation into various languages.  

The video lessons are designed to be models of the classroom experience. In teaching each mathematical concept, the teacher generally repeats instructions to stress key learning points, followed by hands-on experience to reinforce a learning task using tactile materials and methods that would make the learning meaningful. 

Screenshot of math videos

About the Scripts

Each script of the mathematical concept provided in this document is not only a manuscript explaining mathematical concepts, but the script of a demonstration of the classroom teaching situation where the teacher tries  to use all methods to make the concept understood by the visually  impaired child.  

In translation, some may chose verbatim translation of the script and some may prefer to highlight the key concepts. Either strategy is fine, as long as the concept can be effectively taught to children with visual impairments.

This first edition contains teaching scripts of 50 videos covering various topics such as Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Set Theory, Numbers, Matrices, and Inequalities. 

Title page of Math video scripts


Publication of Mathematics Made Easy

Mathematics Made Easy is a 364-page publication (2005) which is full of information and practical strategies for teaching math to students who are blind or visually impaired.  It is available as a free download on the ICEVI website.  Learn more.

Cover of Mathematics Made Easy

Support for the Project

The Nippon Foundation has provided support to ICEVI in implementing a project on higher education for students with visual impairments in the East Asia region. This Math project is part of the higher education project to prepare video instructional materials in mathematics to teach students with visual impairments at the primary and secondary levels. The project believes that effective teaching of mathematics to children with visual impairments will help them to study science-related courses at a higher level and will also augment their employment opportunities.

Collage of Math scripts