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Story Creator App

The Story Creator app is an excellent way to support children who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities, to create audio books.

In this era of creating digital stories to help facilitate the literacy of students, a common problem has occurred: the inability to share the story on other iPads so that the continuity of learning can occur in other settings as well with other individuals.

Recently, I found a solution to this with the Story Creator app. You can create a story, add text, and audio. Once you’ve added the audio, you can go back in and edit the audio so it pairs up with the text. Then when the student is reading the book, the word is in red that is being said! Great for beginner or struggling readers! The text does not enlarge, BUT it works great under a CCTV.

Here’s the cool part…You can share the digital story exactly the way it is on your iPad! The other person MUST HAVE the app as well. And it gets even cooler…the person who receives the digital story can copy it to their iPad and edit it.

What this means is quite simple for me. Since I’m the one taking the photos, I can go in and create the story. After sending it to the teacher, she can then edit the audio with a voice the student may prefer. And/or the speech therapist can adjust the text. This becomes a true team project and we don’t have to be in the room at the same time!

Thanks to this technology, the story can be tweaked so that it can meet the student’s needs and shared with the family so that they can take part of this wonderful experience! It’s a win win for all involved!