Using a Light-Up Tracing Pad to Create Tactile Graphics

Use this light-up tracing pad to create tactile images with students who are visually impaired.

By Liz Eagan

While I love APH’s Lightbox Mini to help me make a worksheet or color page tactile, the Light-Up Tracing Pad is another option that I really like. As I need to be highly mobile, this tracing pad is lightweight and smaller. This will make those bags I carry in and out of campuses (and my home) so much lighter!

light up pad screen with a santa drawn on it
Light-up tracing pad screen with image of Santa Claus

In case you’ve never made an image tactile, you place the image upside down on the lightbox or this tracing pad. Then, using a pencil, lightly trace the image…omitting items that might make the image too cluttered to read tactually. Once finished, use APH’s Tactile Graphics Kit to manually make the image tactile.

light-up tracing pad