Paths to Literacy

for students who are blind or visually impaired

Audio-Supported Reading (ASR)

Powerpoint title slide of Audio-Assisted Reading

Audio Supported Reading (ASR) is a technology-based approach to teaching reading that enhances a student’s access to the text, whether reading in print or in braille. In this recorded webinar Assistive Technology Consultant Karen Narvol describes how ASR can meet the challenges of students with print-related disabilities when used as an instructional strategy. Incorporating the work of AFB’s National Project Manager Ike Presley, Karen Narvol discusses how listening and reading comprehension are connected, and identifies technologies which support Audio Supported Reading.

This webinar was presented through Perkins eLearning and is available to watch for free at any time.

Learning goals of the webinar:

  • Explain the reading challenges experienced by students with print-related disabilities.
  • Define Audio Supported Reading as an instructional strategy.
  • Describe techniques that effectively utilize Audio Supported Reading.



Karen Narvol has 42 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, instructional technology specialist, and assistive technology consultant with school districts and intermediate units in Pennsylvania. She is presently working as an independent assistive technology consultant with contracts with Bookshare, Kurzweil Education, Perkins School for the Blind, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education/Bureau of Special Education.
Ms. Narvol is currently presenting a series of Bookshare webinars to Pennsylvania educators, teaching onsite workshops and presenting webinars on Kurzweil 3000 to educators across the country, teaching Bookshare online courses for Perkins eLearning, and moderating the Bookshare Mentor Teacher Group community of practice.



Posted on February 10, 2021
Updated on: March 10, 2021