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Sea Turtle Braille Art Design

Create a sea turtle using braille by following these simple instructions.

A sea turtle swimming in the ocean.

Braille art is a fun way to promote braille literacy, create accessible greeting cards, and motivate students who are blind or visually impaired.

See below for instructions to create a sea turtle braille art design.

Line 6: Space 11 times, was, with, for 5 times, of, his

Line 7: Space 10 times, was, for 9 times, his, space 7 times, was, with, for, of, his

Line 8: Space 9 times, with, for 11 times, of, space 5 times, with, for 3 times, x, for, of

Line 9: Space 8 times, with, for 13 times, of, space 4 times, for 7 times

Line 10: Space 7 times, with, for 15 times, of, space 3 times, er, for 3 times, gg, ff

Line 11: Space 2 times, dot 2, ow, x 2 times, with, for 17 times, of, gg 2 times, with, for, q, f

Line 12: Space 8 times, with, for 2 times, of, space 7 times, with, for 2 times, of

Line 13: Space 7 times, dots 45, for 2 times, q, space 7 times, dots 45, for 2 times, q

Print out version of instructions can be found here

Sea turtle design made out of braille
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