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Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

Activity to motivate beginning readers in a play setting, using braille or print cards


This activity is a nice way to motivate beginning readers in a play setting, using word cards in braille or print to label the items in the picnic basket.


  • This game is available from LeapFrog toys and can be purchased online or at a large number of big retail stores.
  • Word cards in print or braille for each of the items in the picnic basket



  • Have the student(s) set up the items from the picnic basket by placing them in the correct shape form.  The picnic basket is electronic and says “Open” and “Close”.
  • Ask the student to pick a word card, read the card, and find the corresponding item. 
  • Place the item in the picnic basket and press the button for an auditory reinforcement.

Photo of cup with braille word card



  • This activity can be done individually or with a small group. 
  • Adaptation for Dual Media:  write print on back of cards and have the student read braille on the front of the card.



picnic collage

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