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Spin and Move!

This game provides practice matching textures, objects, and braille words.

We needed a new game for my son Liam (age 7, deafblind) and I have been waiting to use the “Lazy Sue” I bought months ago.  I was inspired by Gwyn’s posts and her creativity using the Lazy Sue (or Lazy Susan, as we say in the States!) for different literacy activities and I wanted to give it a try.  My attempt is a matching game that involves movement, matching and braille!  


  • Lazy Sue covered in tinfoil* (any covering or textured paper would do). When you are ready for a new game you can replace the tinfoil.
  • Plastic cup covered in tinfoil glued onto the center of the circle
  • 5 random objects glued onto the circle board (with multiples of each object in the cup). Examples here include mini pompoms and small hearts.
  • 5 braille labels taped onto the board so that they can be moved later if desired.  The labels include “movement instructions”  with the number of times the player should “do” the movements:
    • 4 slap table
    • 6 knuckles
    • 5 jumps
    • 2 laughs
    • 3 claps 
Lazy Susan game with braille labels
Lazy Susan game with braille labels



  1. Player one chooses any object out of the cup in the center.
  2. Player one then spins the lazy sue and feels the board to find the matching object.  
  3. Once the matching object is located the player will then read the label and do the movement that is stated on the label.  
  4. Repeat with Player 2 

*The great thing about the lazy sue is that it can easily be changed and modified to fit any level, learning objective or interest of the child!  

Collage of Spin and Move game to practice braille, matching and movement
Liam using refreshable braille.

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