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Star Student: Making an Assignment Accessible in an Inclusive Setting

Students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind can share what's important to them with their classmates in an inclusive setting.

Poster for star students without modificationsMy son Liam is a third-grader in a mainstream classroom. Liam is deafblind and a braille reader. His class does something called “Star Student”. This is where one child is highlighted for the week; the student gets to write on a special poster that describes things that are important to them. They then get to decorate the poster and share it with the class. The poster is displayed in the classroom for that week.

A few weeks ago, it was Liam’s turn. We got a poster (that had prompts for us to fill out) a week before he needed it to be ready. I wanted to help Liam create a poster that would be meaningful, accessible and fun for him and also for his peers who had typical vision.

Adding Braille Labels

We sat down together at the dining room table and I read every question to him and he typed up the answers by himself onto braille label paper.

Braillewriter with

Text of Braille Sentences:

  • I like to read books at school.
  • I like to go to the park.
  • My favorite food is chicken.
  • My favorite place is the park.
  • My favorite toy is a car.
  • My favorite book is nonfiction

I helped him cut out the labels and place them on the correct places on the poster. It took us a couple of days to complete the project; he was very proud of the results!

All About Me Tee with braille labelsIt’s All About Me Tee (text)

  • These are my favorite subjects
    • My favorite subject at school is math.
  • This is me
    • Liam Kenrick
  • This is my family
    • Mom, Dad, Finn, Grandma, Grandpa, Billy
  • These are places I like to go
  • These are things I like to do at home
    • At my house I play outside.
  • At school
  • In the community
  • This is my favorite food
  • Place
  • Toy
  • Book

Adding Puff Paint

I added puffy paints so he could feel it, and used bright colors for a visual appeal for his classmates. Liam collects buttons, so we glued them onto the poster as the “final touch”.

Finished poster with puff paint, braille labels, and button decorations

Reading the Braille on the Poster

When it was his turn to share with his classmates he was able to share about himself and read what he had written in braille to his classmates. They were able to ask him questions and he got to answer them.  Way to go Liam! 🙂

Reading braille labels on poster


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