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Using a Peg Slate to Practice Braille Skills

Braille peg slate
My son Liam is a happy first grader in a mainstream classroom.  He is a braille reader  (he LOVES braille!) and happens to be deafblind.  Liam brought home a "Peg Slate"  from APH the other day from school.  He was so excited about this tool.  I thought that I would share how we use it at home.


Peg slate from APH












  • Liam loves when I form words on the Peg Slate and he gets to read them (keeps me on my toes with my braille skills!).  
  • His favorite is when I write simple sentences and he gets to read them back to me.  
  • I wanted to share that the Peg Slate is a great learning tool to use in the classroom, but I also see it as something that was very engaging for my son in the home setting as well!  
  • I have been planning to try to take Liam and his brother to a "sit down" restaruant (so far, we have only mastered buffets and fast food;) and I thought that the Peg Slate would be a good tool to bring to a restaurant to '"entertain" and use together while we waited for our food.   


Boy signing word from peg slate


  • Other options for the Peg Slate are that you could practice letters, contractions, words, sentences etc... so many options!  
  • Your child could also work on writing letters and words themselves!  
  • Below I have listed a few other fun "toys" to create a braille cell/word that we have at home that Liam loves!  They are reasonably priced. smiley


Pocket braille cube

Pocket braille block


Peg slate collage

Posted on May 8, 2016
Updated on: October 12, 2021