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Summer Programs Souvenir

CTVI, Belinda Rosas, expands on her experience of students creating 3D printed mementos representing their time at school.

Pictured is a 3D printed heart with the letters

The Summer Programs at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) have been bringing excitement to students around the state of Texas for many years. Students have the opportunity to practice Expanded Core Curriculum skills, gain enrichment in core curriculum standards through multisensory activities, and build a community around other peers with visual impairments. Below, long-time Summer Programs teacher, Belinda Rosas M.Ed. CTVI, discusses her experience using a 3D printer to support the development of a classroom community, encourage creative expression, expand on existing knowledge, and explore new technologies.

Belinda Rosas typically aligns her classroom and off-campus activities to focus on building skills relevant to the Expanded Core Curriculum. Students in her class typically also have the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively to create a variety of 3D mementos that represent their preferences or time at TSBVI. Their creativity is encouraged as they draw their ideas on paper or on the Draftsman tactile drawing board. After creating just the right artifacts, our Technology Applications teacher, Susan O’Brien, reviews their collaborative efforts and uses her expertise of 3D software and printers to create an everlasting memento for each student to treasure. Allowing students to work in the TSBVI Makerspace, to complete projects such as this one is crucial to foster creativity and collaboration between peers; skills critical for success in education and the workforce.

Pictured is a 3D printed heart with the letters "TSBVI" on it. Also pictured is two keys on a key chain.

Try your own 3D printing

Reference “A Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing for TSVIs” for an introduction to 3D printing.

A student holding a piece of paper with a variety of line types such as vertical lines, spirals, a dotted line, and a set of intersecting lines.

Let’s Learn Lines

Young children at a table, each have a sand bin and are playing with toys in it

Essential Multi-Sensory Intervention

6 square piece puzzle from APH to match textures.

The Importance of Textures