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Activity and strategy

Tactile Advent Calendar

Tactile advent calendar uses objects

This tactile Advent calendar has a different ornament or object for each day.  Each tag can have braille or large print showing the number counting down to December 25.  The names of the objects can also be added for practice matching.

  • tags with numbers in large print and braille
  • different ornaments or small objects for each day
  • board and fasteners for each day
  • small Christmas tree or board on which to hang the ornaments/objects

This activity can be set up by a teacher or parent, or can be made together with the child.

  • Collect 24 small ornaments or objects
  • Make and label in print and label 24 tags
  • Create board on which items can be hung
  • Each day invite the child to identify the number for the day. 
  • Have the child find the ornament for that day and hang it on the tree or board.
  • Have the child write the number for the day in print or braille and match to the board
  • Write the name of the item in print or braille (e.g. bell, pinecone, etc.) and have the child find that item.
Uno braille playing cards with large print
Activity and strategy

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Student making orange juice with a teacher using a juicing machine.
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