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Activity and strategy

Tactile Signage Activity for Dual Media Student

In this activity, dual media students match braille labels to the print text on signs.

This fun summer tactile signage activity is designed for dual media students who are learning braille. The goal is to match and stick braille labels on the correct sign which has print and braille. 

Ziploc bags with signs and braille labels inside

We were trying to come up with a motivating way to get this particular dual media student’s hands on as much braille as possible during the remote learning summer situation. Plus when school is back in session on site, she will be at a new school so this activity could be modified for exact signage that the student would interact with.  

For this particular student it was decided to leave the apostrophes out on this round, as she was having a really tough time when those signs were introduced right before shelter in place, in conjunction with other unrelated factors causing emotional distress.  We wanted this first round to be as easy as possible with the hope of building some of her confidence back up while adding some fun.  We plan to introduce those again later. 


Video Demonstration of Matching Braille Label to Print Sign


Sample Signs to Download

Braille signs:  321, Classroom, Meeting Room, Library

Signs in Simbraille and print:  546, Principal's Office, Exit, Computer Lab

Signs in Simbraille and print: Trash, Main Office, Nurse's Office


Uno braille playing cards with large print
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