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Take Home Story Kit

Take Home Story Kits enable students to create tactile or braille books that they can take home to share with their families to promote braille literacy.

This “Take Home Story Kit” was made by a preschool student based on the APH tactile book Going on a Bear Hunt retold by Suzette Wright and Illustrated by Solene Negrerie.

I work with a preschool student who is learning braille.  His favorite book is the tactile APH book Going on a Bear Hunt.  He has asked to read it several times and has the story memorized.  Since he liked the book so much, I suggested we make our own version that he could take home and keep.  

Inside page from APH Bear Hunt book


Example of textured page from APH book

  • Various textures to represent scenes from story: home, grass, river, snow, mud, woods, cave, covers (for bed), door (that really opens and closes)
  • Objects to represent characters in story, including the bear and person going on the bear hunt.  My student choose a magnetic letter L since his name starts with L and a large pompom for the bear.
  • I pre-cut materials. 
  • The preschool student brailled a short description on the bottom of each page: tall grass; deep, dark woods; cave; etc. 
  • He glued the textures to each page and then was ready to retell his story. 

Pages of Bear Hunt story  Pages of Bear Hunt story

  • He moved his character (the magnetic L) as he told the story and then added the pompom for the bear at the appropriate time. 
  • I stored this kit in a bag for him to take home and keep. 
  • He is enjoying retelling this story and sharing the story kit with his sister.

Take home story kit made by preschool student

He and I discussed how to assemble the pages.  Should we use a 3 ring binder or leave the pages loose to move around as the story is told?  Should we use whole pages or half pages?  He decided he wanted to use half pages and opted to leave the pages loose so he could move them as he retold his story.  

Student wrtiing on an adapted handwriting paper with four lines and highlighted
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