I have been an Orientation and Mobility Specialist in the San Diego County area for approximately twelve years. My experience encompasses working with children aging in ranges of three through twenty two. I am passionate about what I teach and strongly focus on helping my students to gain independence in all aspects their lives. Since technology is opening up so many doors for individuals who have vision loss, I have pursued as many learning opportunities as possible regarding technology, specifically, anything that can help people have visual impairments. What I have observed across all educational platforms is that technology is under utilized, especially apps. I began writing blogs for Cane and Compass to share my ideas with an emphasis on how to incorporate technology into O&M instruction. Additionally, I have created an online social media Rock the Cane Campaign with the hope of teaching the world more about vision loss. I have focused on technology and my campaign as a personal passion project because I want to make an impact and teach others not just locally but share my ideas and educate others globally.