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The Joy Makers’ Guide to Christmas

Tips to make Christmas accessible to children with visual impairments

A little girl whispers into Santa's ear

This collection of tips, advice and recommendations for making sure children with vision impairment can experience all the joys of the season is a new resource from RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People).  The guide is free to download, and is included as part of our ‘Celebrations’ resource, which features different cultural and religious festivals across the year:

This 30-page guide includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Christmas activities (inside)
  • Make festive decorations
  • Enjoyable Christmas treats
  • Christmas crafts and fun
  • Christmas activities (outside)
  • Christmas presents
  • Gift ideas and recommendations
  • Stocking fillers and low-cost gifts
  • Christmas experiences
  • Audio description, relaxed performances and touch tours
  • How we celebrate Christmas
  • How our Christmas campaign star enjoys Christmas
  • Finding more information and support
Cover of The Joy Maker's Guide to Christmas
Download the free RNIB guide: The Joy Makers’ Guide to Christmas
Illustration of Christmas tree with star on top
Activity and strategy

Braille Drawing of a Frilly Christmas Tree

Various winter and Christmas shaped salt dough pieces placed on a baking sheets.
Activity and strategy

Salt Dough Recipe

Activity and strategy

Creating a Christmas Story Bucket Using Pen Friend