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Activity and strategy

Braille Drawing of a Frilly Christmas Tree

This braille design is a fun way to practice braille skills!

Illustration of Christmas tree with star on top

One of my favorites! This is really fun to touch and draw with its own special rhythm you will pick up on and have a lot of fun with.

Uses an 8-1/2 by 11-inch green construction paper or heavyweight braille paper, in portrait configuration, 17 lines total and the remainder can be used for a holiday greeting. The ar sign = (dots 3-4-5) and gh sign = (dots 1-2-6).

Line 1: Space 14 times, write 1 ar sign, write 1 gh sign.

Line 2: Space 13 times, write 2 ar signs, write 2 gh signs.

Line 3: Space 12 times, write 3 ar signs, write 3 gh signs.

Line 4: Space 11 times, write 4 ar signs, write 4 gh signs.

Line 5: Space 10 times, write 5 ar signs, write 5 gh signs.

Line 6: Space 9 times, write 6 ar signs, write 6 gh signs.

Line 7: Space 8 times, write 7 ar signs, write 7 gh signs.

Line 8: Space 7 times, write 8 ar signs, write 8 gh sign.

Line 9: Space 6 times, write 9 ar signs, write 9 gh signs.

Line 10: Space 5 times, write 10 ar signs, write 10 gh signs.

Line 11: Space 4 times, write 11 ar signs, write 11 gh signs.

Line 12: Space 3 times, write 12 ar signs, write 12 gh signs.

Line 13: Space 2 times, write 13 ar signs, write 13 gh signs.

Line 14: Space 1 time, write 14 ar signs, write 14 gh signs.

Line 15: At the left margin, write 15 ar signs, then write 15 gh signs.

Line 16: Space 8 times, write 6 ar signs, write 1 dots 4-5-6, write 1 l (dots 1-2-3), write 6 gh signs.

Line 17: Space 13 times, write 4 full cell (dots 1-2-3-4-5-6)

Download directions to make a frilly braille Christmas tree (Word document).

Buy Kim’s book Drawing With Your Perkins Brailler (braille version) or (large print version)!

Braille frilly christmas tree
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