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Top Access Tips: Measuring Angles (sighted methods of access)

Tips on how to modify measuring angles for students who are visually impaired

Supporting the Inclusion of Children and Young People with Visual Impairment

These tips can be used to modify the mesaurement of angles for students with visual impairments, using a protractor and thick black marker.


1.  Equipment

  • Clear contrasting protractor with black markings
  • Make protractor if the above cannot be sourced
  • Protractor template
  • Black pen or 2B pencil to mark/draw angles
  • For children not able to measure accurately, a 0.5° allowance is made in external tests and exams


2.  Measuring an angle (example: altering the measurments)

  • Mainstream Version

    • Here is a sketch of a triangle
    • It is not drawn to scale
    • Draw the full size triangle accurately
    • One line has been drawn for you

 triangle with 57 degree and 68 degree anglesline 6cm

  • Modified Version

    • The diagram below shows a sketch of a triangle, it is not drawn to scale. Draw the full size triangle accurately. One line has been drawn for you.

triangle with 55 degree and 70 degree anglesline 8cm


Principles of Modification

  • The question assesses pupil’s ability to draw accurately using a ruler and angle measurer.
  • The modified version retains this assessment whilst altering the measurements to enable pupils with visual impairment to draw to the nearest 5mm and 5° only.
  • The diagram is enlarged with bold lines and left aligned on the page. The introduction is amended to help pupils locate the diagram.
  • The font size is enlarged to 18 point (or child’s preferred print size). The font type is changed to Arial.


Drawing an angle (using the protractor template)

E.g. Drawing a 55° angle

  • Draw a vertical line through the base line (point M). Use thick black pen.
  • Place the origin of the protractor at the point M.
  • Hold protractor in place with small piece of Blu Tack if necessary.

protractor example

  • Make a mark at 55° with a black pen
  • Draw a line from M to the mark with a black pen, ensure line is 10 cms, to extend beyond the protractor


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