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Top Access Tips: Measuring with a Ruler

Tips for teaching students with visual impairments to measure with a ruler

Tips on teaching students with visual impairments to measure with a ruler

1. Equipment

  • Clear contrasting ruler with black markings on white background
  • Use a ruler marked from edge of left end of ruler.
  • Black pen or 2B pencil to mark/draw lines
  • For children not able to measure accurately, a 0.5cm allowance is made in external tests and exams

2. Measuring a Line

  • Provide black, well contrasting lines.
  • Mark the beginning and end of the line to be measured with a black line marked through the line to be measured.

line of measurement

  • Use a Wikki Stix/piece of string to measure the line/object, cut to size and then place/Blu Tack on top of the ruler to measure length.
  • Hold ruler in place with Blu Tack to stop it moving around during measuring.


3. Drawing a Line

  • Mark the starting point of the line with a black dot, or line, or Wikki Stix

ruler and marks of measurement

  • Child to measure and mark the finish point of the line by drawing a line/ marking with a dot they can see, above the ruler
  • Child to draw the line joining the two points together

ruler and marks of measurement

ruler collage

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