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Useful Apps for Vision Professionals

Annotated list of recommended apps (applications) for vision professionals and TVIs, including vision information, magnification, visual scanning, and braille

vision apps collageThere are many applications (apps) available to assist teachers of students with visual impairments and other vision professionals in their work.  I have collected some of my favorite apps in the following categories:


Click here to download the list of recommended vision and hearing apps in .pdf format.


Apps for Vision Information

EyeXam logoEyeXam

Take care of your vision by personalizing the app to receive reminders, order your contact lenses, claim offers and discounts and organize all your appointments in one location.

Eye Handbook app

Diagnostic and treatment reference app for eye care professionals.

atlas of opthalmology logoAtlas of Ophthalmology

Clinical images of virtually all eye diseases.

EyeChart logoEye Chart

Dok’s free Snellen Eye Chart is part of a larger collection of useful medical tools and references.

visionsim logoVisionSim

This app was developed to allow people with healthy vision to see the world through the eyes of a person experiencing one of nine degenerative eye diseases.

ColorTest logoPseudoChromatic ColorTest

These series of images in this app are designed to provide a test which gives a quick assessment of color vision deficiency of congenital origin.

Chromatic Vision Simulator logoChronic Vision Simulator

Color vision simulation tool which simulates the color vision of color vision deficiencies.

Colorspin Flashlight logoColorSpin Flashlight

Rotate your device like a steering wheel and you’ll go through the whole spectrum of hues/colors.

MaculaTesting logoMaculaTester

This simple test of your vision can alert you to early changes that may indicate a problem with your macula caused by diabetes or macular degeneration.

Infant Visual Stimulation logoInfant Visual Stimulation

This app contains high contrast pictures in flashcard format, designed for newborns and babies.

Baby Screen logoBaby Screen

This app displays simple animated patterns designed to appeal to babies’ developing visual systems.

iSnellen logoiSnellen

Bringing the famous Snellen’s eye chart to IOS, this app is used by eye care professionals and others to measure visual acuity. 

iColorNamer4 app iconiColorNamer4

Designed to help normal, blind and color blind individuals to identify/decide color names for every day objects. 

Vision Lights and Magnifiers

Bigger and Brighter logoBigger and Brighter

Reading glasses tool for people who have difficulty reading fine print and focusing on nearby objects due to presbyopia, eye illness, etc.

flashlight free logoFlashlight Free

Instantly turn your iPhone into the brightest possible Flashlight.

BigMagnify Free LogoBigMagnify Free

Use the ENTIRE screen as a BIG magnifying glass.

magnifying glass with light logoMagnifying Glass with Light

Digital magnifier with flashlight.

Binoculars logoBinoculars

12x Photo-Quality Zoom and one-tap access to Satellite Aerial View.

light detector app logoLight Detector

This app transforms any natural or artificial light source it encounters into sound.


Visual Scanning Ideas

AnimalDiscovery logoAnimal Discovery

Game where users learn about animals and feed/take care of them.

Word Search logoWord Search Unlimited Free

Play unlimited high quality word search puzzles, with user selected themes.

Glow Hockey logoGlow Hockey

Game: Using glow lights to highlight the hockey game, easy to play, hard to master.

Big Bang LogoBig Bang Pictures

High contrast animated images and great sound effects designed to provide visual stimulation and to develop and assess visual preferences.

Pocket Bowling 3D HD logoPocket Bowling 3D HD

Pocket Bowling 3D comes with a power packed Bowling games in 3Dimension View. It is well designed with all aspects of a standard bowling game, to give users an awesome gaming experience.

Peeping Musicians logoPeeping Musicians

Black background and brightly coloured musicians provide great contrast making this activity very suitable for users with visual and perceptual difficulties.

Eye Movement Training app logoEye Movement Training

Activities on this app improves the eye muscle usage by following the moving object by rolling eyeball only.

Splashy Fish logoSplashy Fish

Tap on your device to make the fish swim.

piano tiles logoPiano Tiles – Don’t Tap the White Tile

In this game, players tap the black tiles to create musical notes, and lose if they tap the white tiles.



VisualBraille logoVisualBraille (VB) Lite

This app promotes learning of standard braille code. 


Collage of useful apps for vision professionals

Please note that you may need to check whether the app has been updated or whether it only works with certain operating systems.  



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