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Book About the Concept of Big and Small

This concept book was made by the parent of a young deafblind boy using real objects to teach about size "big" and "small". The book has braille labels and ASL signs.

Big and little book
Small ring and big ring with words in print and braille

Concept book:

My 3-year-old son Liam, who is newly deafblind (lost his sight and hearing to Meningitis a year ago) is learning ASL and picking up on sign language very quickly.  The next set of books I wanted to make for my little guy were concept books: books that teach him a concept, but are also repetitive and teach him new sign.  The book that is shown below focuses on the concept of BIG and SMALL. 

Big and small forks with words "big" and "small" in print and braille
Big and small forks with words “big” and “small” in print and braille

Other ideas of concept books I will be making for him soon (I would love any input on other ideas of concepts) :

  • SOFT vs.  HARD  
  • TOP  vs.  BOTTOM


  • The pages are pre-cut cardboard pages and come hole-punched and with a key ring (bought it at Michael’s for $1.50). They have sturdier ones that I usually prefer (because they have 3 hole punches and 3 rings) they cost around 8 dollars.
  • Hot glue gun (all of my books are made with lots and lots of hot glue)
  • Duct tape (only needed if you have a toddler who is as “rough” on equipment as mine.  He loves to test the durability of the books I make him! haha)
  • braille word labels
  • ASL pictures of the words you are focusing on (if applicable)
ASL signs for "big" and "small"
ASL signs for “big” and “small”

Learning Target:

For Liam to use the words “Big” and “Small”

Explanation of the book:

Each page has two objects, one big and one small.  Near each object is the braille word for small and for big.  I also wrote the words small and big in print so that others reading the book who may not know braille can know what the words say. (Again sorry about all the ‘not so pretty duct tape’, I needed to make the book Liam proof:) At the end of the book I drew a picture of the ASL sign for the word big and small so if other people want to read the book to Liam they will know the correct signs to use.  I could have added the signs for the objects as well to make it more advanced, depends on what your goal is. 

Small and big screws
Small and big screws with words in print and braille

Why I chose the pictures/objects that I did:

I tried to find objects that Liam would find interesting.  I also needed to find objects that would fit onto the size book that I was using.  Of course, I also I had to choose the objects that were similar in ways other than in size (big vs. small). 

Big and small paintbrushes
Big and small paintbrushes with words in print and braille


After I read the book with Liam I show him other objects that are big and small.  For example, in the pictures below I show: a small ball and a big ball, small keys and big keys, small shoe and big shoe.  All of the objects I would let Liam feel in the extension are objects he knows well and knows the signs of already. 

Big and little balls
Big and small balls
Big and little keys
Big and small keys
Big and small shoes
Big and small shoes
The Love Bugs cover with the title and textured hearts.

Love Bugs Book

shiny fabric on a bar

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Red glitter liquid in a bottle

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