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Activity and strategy

The Big Island Restaurant and Bakery for Younger Kids with Visual Impairments

This set of activities uses APH materials to extend a story about The Big Island Restaurant and Bakery.

Beginning with a story about a visit to a restaurant, these activities give students practice with orientation & mobility, money and literacy skills, incorporating materials from American Printing House for the Blind (APH).

Set up Tactile Town using the diagram for “The Big Island Restaurant and Bakery”. 

  1. Demonstrate reading skills while reading out loud the appropriate reading-level story card.
  2. Demonstrate comprehension of the story as he/she tells or summarizes the story out loud with the use of the lite box and associated story demonstration materials. 
  3. Show wayfinding skills by plotting his/her route to a local bakery using Tactile Town.
  4. Demonstrate wayfinding skills through the use of the APH compass of the APH Talking PC Map product, depending upon age and skill level. 
  5. Show facility at braille or print reading by reading out loud a menu in his/her primary reading medium. 
  6. Demonstrate simple skills with a talking calculator by making either a pretend or real purchase and calculating the cost and tax on the calculator. The teacher will verify the skill as he/she checks the calculation on site.thermometer
  7. On site in either the pretend or real bakery, student will demonstrate skill in the determination of room temperature as he uses the APH thermometer
  8. Show facility in clock reading, as he/she uses the APH clock to tell time and get back to class on time. 
  9. Prepare to read street signs as he/she uses the ENVISION II green street signs with his/her monocular, if appropriate. The student will orally identify the labels on the signs. If the student is blind, he  or she will identify street signs through use of the APH Talking PC Maps or an application for his/her tablet. The student will identify the streets and crossings orally. 
  10. Demonstrate facility in appropriate level reading and writing as he/she uses blank APH Recipe Cards to make a simple no-cook recipe.  Student will use his/her primary reading and writing medium to complete the assignment.
  11. Make an actual purchase and practice for signing a credit card receipt through use of the signature guide. The teacher will determine when the signature is legible.  

    aph signature guide
  12. Demonstrate facility with skills of socialization, turn-taking and reading through the use of the Game kit and/or Tactile Town.  The teacher will design an appropriate game or games to test the skills worked on this week.  Dolch word cards and other products may be employed as well. The teacher will evaluate the skills and develop a short report.
  • Tactile Town / Game Kitclock by aph
  • Compass
  • Talking PC Map Product
  • Talking Calculator
  • Thermometer
  • Clock
  • Recipe Cards
  • Signature Guide
  • Dolch Word Cards
  • Lite Box with the Lite Box Characters and Settingslite box
  • Flexible Rulers
  • All-in-One Board
  • Number Lines

aph talking calculatorActivities: Days 1-6

  1. Read the story with the student
  2. Follow the skills in the paragraphs using the Talking Calculator
  3. The child will summarize the story by using the lite box with the lite box characters and settings for the story, “The Big Island and Bakery”  
  4. Read the menu for “The Big Island Restauran”t with the student
  5. The student will read the second story titled, “The Bakery”
  6. Ask the child to re-read the large print or Braille menu from the bakery
  7. Create one of the items from the menu using APH’s Recipe Cards
  8. Ask the student to move the characters through Tactile Town to the restaurant and bakery.  Set- up two houses, the pond, a grassy area and a restaurant.  Use the compass rose and ask the child to direct the character lite box pieces to the restaurant from the pond. 
  9. The child will verbalize directions on how to get from the restaurant to the pond using the compass rose
  10. Ask the student to read the menu from The Big Island Restaurant. 

    all-in-one board
  11. Select the small game board from the Game Kit.  Roll the dice. If the student rolls a one, he moves up one space on the game board and reads the first item on the menu.  If he rolls a two, he will precede ahead two spaces and read the second item on the menu.  Repeat until all items on the menu have been read.
  12. The child will be asked to think of a name for their own restaurant and to think of a menu. The teacher will write down the student’s responses using All-in-One Board.
  13. Back to Tactile Town’s Big Island Restaurant and Bakery
  14. Ask your student to measure the distance between the pond and The Big Island Restaurant and Bakery using the Flexible Rulers from APH
  15. Tam and Matt will be asked to add and subtract costs at the restaurant.  APH Number Lines will be great to use for addition and subtraction 
  16. Review the story while the child searches for Dolch Words from APH relating to The Big Island Restaurant and Bakery passage.  dolch cards by APH
  17. The instructor may use one of the game boards from APH and place Dolch Words around the board.  The student rolls the dice, lands on a word and must read the Dolch Word.  If the child is successful they read the “Good Luck” cards made from index cards located in the Game Kit. The “Good Luck” cards will help the player or players advance across the board.  If the student cannot read the word, he may ask for assistance once, and if not successful, he draws from the “Better Luck Next Time” cards.  The cards will ask the student to read familiar words the student already knows.  
big island restaurant clip
restaurant collage



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