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Activity and strategy

Christmas Sequence Activity for Students with Visual Impairments and Additional Disabilities

Experience book to help students with visual impairments and additional disabilities, including deafblindness, to develop early literacy skills.

Christmas Sequence is a 5-minute video that demonstrates how to create a literacy activity for students who are deafblind or for those who have visual impairments and multiple disabilities.  Perkins Teacher Christa Hulburt shows how to make an experience book, using the example of a holiday event at school.  This activity works on the following skills:

  • vocabulary development
  • language comprehension
  • answering “wh” questions
  • matching
  • sequencing

  • Photographs of an event in which the student has participated
  • Large bold letters
  • Velcro slant board
  • Number cards (for sequencing)
  • Binding for book
  • Heavy card stock or paper to use as pages
  1. Identify an event which is meaningful to the child.
  2. Discuss the salient parts of the experience, while using the vocabulary (spoken and/or signed).
  3. Take photographs of the key parts of the experience.  If this can be done ahead of time, then the picture cards can be used to discuss the event before it takes place.
  4. Arrange the cards/pages in the order in which they happened.
  5. Ask basic comprehension questions about the event, e.g. “Where did we go?”, “Who was there?”
  6. Invite the student to match a photograph or tactile symbol to the corresponding page of the book.
  7. Mix up the pages/picture cards and ask the student to put them in the correct order.
  • Tactile symbols or associated objects can be used in addition to photographs
  • Braille can be added to each page

Christmas sequence collage


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Activity and strategy

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