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Activity and strategy

Concept Cards

These tactile cards are designed to help students who are blind or visually impaired to learn basic concepts.

Concept cards are similar to the Tactile Posters that I make. These are the smaller poster board size (11×14 inch). These will not hang on the wall.

The purpose of these cards is to allow the student an opportunity to gain knowledge about a particular subject. For instance, a student walked into a spider web outside during play and screamed. My student had no idea why a spider web would make a person scream. He had never encountered one. So I created the concept card “Spider Web” and we explored it as well as these poems by unknown authors:


No wonder spiders wear bear feet
To run their cobweb races.
Suppose they had to have eight shoes,
How would they tie their laces.

What’s for Lunch

A spider invited
a fly for lunch

Spider, Spider

Spider, spider
Spin your web
Catching insects
In your thread
How many insects can you catch?
One , two, three…..
spider nest
Tactile concept card of eggs in a bird’s nest

I am working on making several concept cards to have ready when a topic comes up. The list we have right now is quite short, but it’s testing and IEP meeting season, so planning for next year has taken the backseat for the time being. My list that I will be working on the next few weeks includes:

  • rain
  • rainbow (using the correct colors with braille labels on the color to identify their name)
  • ant hill
  • bus
  • farm (?? this one may become a poster as there’s a lot of detail that goes into this concept)

and you can see I’ve got spider web and nest completed already.

The plan is to store these in a filing cabinet in my braille room on campus so that the team has access to them and won’t have to wait on me…unless I need to create one.

concept cards

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Activity and strategy

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