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Course 6, Lesson 1: Symbols for Advanced Math, Part 1

This is the first lesson in Project INSPIRE Course 6: Nemeth Code Symbols Used in High School and Strategies for Supporting Math Learning.

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This entry is part 3 of 11 in the series Project INSPIRE, Course 6: High schoolers
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By Tina HerzbergSara LarkinSusan Osterhaus, and Penny Rosenblum

If you are a print reader, before you watch the Lesson 1 video, we recommend you emboss the Lesson 1 Activities.brf file or print the Lesson 1 Activities.pdf file. If you are using Duxbury, before opening any BRF files in Duxbury, go into the Global menu. Select “Formatted Braille Importer” and then check the box for “Read formatted braille without interpretation” at the top of the window. This will ensure that nothing is changed when opening the BRF files. We suggest you wait to access the Lesson 1 PPT.pdf file until after you watch the video.

Please note that on Slide 11 in the video, there should not be a numeric indicator in front of the 45 degrees.

Special Collection

Nemeth Braille Code Curriculum

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Nemeth in a Box for Middle School Students: Introduction

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