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Activity and strategy

Creating a Braille Book with Whole Word Contractions

This DIY braille book uses single cell contractions for beginning readers

My son Liam is a first grader in a mainstream classroom. He is using the Patterns Braille Curriculum (modified since my son is deafblind).  He has learned quite a few contractions so far this year.  I have begun to purposefully add the single-letter whole-word contractions that he is learning in class to all of the new books I make him.  In some of the classroom readers I adapt,  I can change some of the words in the text to support and match what he is learning through his curriculum.  

I am very excited about this latest book I made for my son titled, “Liam can go”.  The book uses the braille single-cell contractions  “can”, “go” and “with”.  These books are a great way for Liam to practice his reading at home in a way that is meaningful, personalized  and motivating. I love watching Liam independently read; he is so proud that he knows all of the words!  

The book reads “Liam can go with _____” .  Each page shows different activities Liam can do and who he can “go with” to do the activities.  There are tactile symbols representing the activity on each page.

Liam can go book cover
Liam can go” book cover
Liam can go with Joe to the grass
Liam can go with Joe.
Liam can go with Finn to play with play dough toy
Liam can go with Finn.
Liam can go with Papa in the car
Liam can go with Papa.
Liam can go with Mom with restaurant and a cup lid
Liam can go with Mom.
Liam can go with Leslee to school
Liam can go with Leslee.
Liam can go with Grandma to the house
Liam can go with Grandma.
Collage of creating a book with single cell braille contractions
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