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CVI Adaptations Tool Box

Tips on what materials to have on hand when working with children with CVI (cortical / cerebral visual impairment)

Updated July 2023

As a TVI working with students with cortical/cerbral visual impairment, I spend a lot of time making CVI adaptations. While each student is unique, I have developed a tool box for CVI adaptations with some of the basic materials that are helpful for adapting materials for all phases of CVI.  It’s great to put this together at the start of the new school year!

CVI Adaptation Toolbox

What’s in the CVI Tool Box?

I try to keep the following items on hand on a regular basis:

  • Stack of yellow paper
  • Black file folders, black helps to anchor and put to focus on materials
    • Make your own folder activities, see mine @brailleandtviteacher on instagram
  • Black cardstock:
    • Great for covering up one row at a time in a book or on a worksheet.
    • Fold them in half to make a black backdrop.
  • Metal rings to hold pages, cards, and other materials together
  • Cardstock cards in solid colors to make flashcards,Lakeshore has the best ones with holes in the corners
  • Sentence strips
    • Great for practicing sentence or vocabulary
  • Markers for highlighting or underlining
    • Sharpies or 20-20 Markers
    • Pencils to unwrap as you go, since markers sometimes bleed through
  • Sticky notes in solid bright colors
  • Roll of colored making tape to mark doorways or edges of steps
    • Discuss with Orientation and Mobility specialist.
  • Puffy Paint
    • Tactual reminder
  • Bumpy stickers (bump dots or felt or velcro)
    • Mark on/off switch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Counters or manipulatives for addition and subtraction
    • Put them on stick notes to keep them from moving around.
    • When counting, have them take them off and put them in another area.
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
  • File folder games or go-to activities
Removable sticky notes covering answer on a math worksheet

  • Number lines
Number line on black file folder

Experiment and see what works best for your student!


Collage of CVI Adaptations Tool Box

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