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Activity and strategy

“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” Adaptation

Tactile adaptation of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" for braille readers.

A few years ago I adapted the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. This adaptation is using real objects on the page. For the mouse I used fur texture, leather texture and wire for the whiskers. For the objects he asks for in the book I used an empty bag of cookies, cookies, the top of a small carton of milk, a straw, napkin, hand held mirror, child scissors, small craft broom (fits in your hand), doll hair, a sponge, felt for “blanket”, braille paper for mini book, flat sided crayon, picture drawn with crayon on a screen board for texture, and a pen. I also used velcro to have some of the objects be removable like the mirror, scissors and pen.

  • Empty bag of cookies
  • Cookies
  • Top of a small milk carton
  • A straw
  • Napkin
  • Hand held mirror
  • Child scissors
  • Smart craft broom
  • Doll hair
  • Sponge
  • Felt
  • Braille paper
  • Flat sided crayon
  • Picture drawn with a crayon (on a screen board)
  • Pen
  • Velcro

cover of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie with tactile elements for the mouse and cookies        a mouse face with plush fur, whiskers, and a hard plastic nose       

Cover text: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Written by: Laura Joffe Numberoff, Illustrated by: Felicia Bond

 a page with 5 small chocolate chip cookies on it above text         a page with the top of a milk carton        

Page 1 text: If you give a mouse a cookie,

Page 2 text: he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.

a plastic straw on a page with text        a napkin on a page with text  

Page 3 text: When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw.

Page 4 text: When he’s finished, he’ll ask for a napkin.

 a mirror velcroed to a page with text        child scissors velcroed to a page with text       

Page 5 text: Then he’ll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a milk mustache.

Page 6 text: When he looks into the mirror, he might notice his hair needs a trim. So he’ll probably ask for a pair of nail scissors.

a small broom on a page with text        a bunch of doll hair on a page with text     

Page 7 text: When he’s finished giving himself a trim, he’ll want a broom to sweep up. 

Page 8 text: He’ll start sweeping. He might get carried away and sweep every room in the house.

  a yellow sponge on a page with text        a felt bed on a page with text       

image demonstrating that the felt mouse can be taken out of the felt bed on the book page     

Page 9 text: He may even end up washing the floors as well! When he’s done, he’ll probably want to have a nap.

Page 10 text: You’ll have to fix up a little box for him with a blanket and a pillow. He’ll crawl in, make himself comfortable and fluff the pillow a few times.

  smaller book taped to the page with text             a crayon and piece of paper taped to a book page       

Page 11 text: He’ll probably ask you to read him a story. So you’ll read to him from one of your book, and he’ll ask to see the pictures. (The cover of the smaller book on this page says “I Love My Dog.”)

Page 12 text: When he looks at the pictures, he’ll get so excited he’ll want to draw one of his own. He’ll ask for paper and crayons.

 a crayon drawing of a mouse family         a pen attached to a page with velcro with braille text           

Page 13 text: He’ll draw a picture.

Page 14 text: When the picture is finished, he’ll want to sign his name with a pen.

   a crayon drawing of a mouse family            a plastic straw glued to a book page                

Page 15 text: Then he’ll want to hang his picture on your refrigerator, which manes he’ll need scotch tape. He’ll hang up his drawing and stand back to look at it. 

Page 16 text: Looking at the refrigerator will remind him that he’s thirsty. So he’ll ask for a glass of milk.

five cookies on a piece of paper with text

Page 17 text: And chances are if he asks for a glass of milk, he’s going to want a cookie to go with it.

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