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Literacy Tip Sheets

Tips sheets for helping children who are blind or visually impaired to develop literacy skills, including emergent literacy, braille literacy, math, multiple disabilities, English Language Learners

We are busy creating tip sheets on various aspects of literacy!  We hope that you’ll refer to the full article to understand the full context of these tip sheets.

Please feel free to download and share, but please acknowledge your source.

Top 10 Tips for working with students with multiple disabilities

Top 10 Tips for Working with Students Who Have Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairments
By Faye Gonzalez
tips to introduce reading
By Charlotte Cushman
10 things a teacher can do to improve instruction for ell students
By Paula Conroy
tips to prepare your child to learn and read braille
By Charlotte Cushman
6 tips for teaching math literacy
6 Tips for Teaching Number Concepts and Math to Children with Visual Impairments
By Charlotte Cushman
5 tips to modify a story for your child

By Liamsmom

By Belinda Rudinger



boom card logo
Activity and strategy

Creating Boom Cards for Our Students with Visual Impairments

caterpillar book butterfly

Updating Popular APH Books

Handout Page Link for Supporting Your Child's Literacy at Home with a Mom and child reading a book
Activity and strategy

Mindful Minutes: Sound Play