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Making a Wreath

Making a wreath when learning about seasons or holidays is a creative way to incorporate fine motors skills.

Illustration of a flower wreath

We stepped outside of my comfort zone to create a craft. I have never made a wreath before nor did I know the multiple steps to making one. However, I learned how alongside my rock stars!

This can be used when discussing the four seasons, when entering a new season, or when learning about a holiday.

I’m always asking them to step outside of their comfort zone by trying something new, using materials that they don’t always like (i.e. glue, different textures) and not
relying on anyone but themselves to create something special. Those wreaths were amazing! I offered to buy one from a student and she told me “NO!”.

Student finding silk flowers in a container.

To start the process, I found the rings we were going to use to string beads on. Using wire cutters, I cut the wreath to create an opening. I then smoothed the sharp edges down. I could have bought the pre-made beaded rings, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, I wanted to work
on their fine motor skills of stringing beads and using both hands together for a task.

Ms. Patricia, a paraprofessional from one of my life skills classes helped me make bows for each of the wreaths. I watched the videos and tried…all with epic failures.

One student worked on one for two months due to his stamina level. He works on it a little each time we have a lesson. His Thanksgiving wreath became a Christmas wreath.

Hands on a metal wire circle putting on wood beads to make a wreath
  1. The student’s first step was to string the beads on the wire.
  2. Searching through my tub of floral craft supplies to find items they wanted to put on their wreaths. They had no criteria other than they needed at least 4 items beside the
    bow after they determined what their base was.
  3. Items were then given to me to hot glue for them as this is a safety talk we had to review why adults need to do the hot gluing.
Wreath with beads and autumn silk flowers and leaves plus a ribbon and a mini pumpkin.
Wreath with a plastic pumpkin, grapes, butterfly, silk flowers, and ribbon on top.
Wreath with sunflowers and other silk flowers and a ribbon on top.

Lesson Idea: Use “The Christmas Wreath” book, by James Hoffman, as a story option before making a Christmas wreath.

Making a Wreath title with a picture of a wreath that has silk flowers and a small pumpkin and ribbon on it.
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