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Activity and strategy

Mother’s Day Activity

These writing activities are a great way for students who are blind or visually impaired to honor Mother's Day!

My student will be making a Mother’s Day activity book. We’re going to do a page where she’ll describe her mother using the letters of the word as a word starter. Then she’ll do an alphabetized list of words that describe moms in general. She gets to choose one of the poems (also below) in the word document to braille…or create an original. If time permits, we’ll add more pages based on her wishes.

Here are two of the large print pages we used for the activity book:

page with the letters M O T H E R as word starters

Describe mom using the letters of the word as a word starter.

Things to do with mom word bank activity

Things To Do With Mom activity page.

Mother’s Day Poems:

My Dear Mother
To one who bears
the sweetest name,
and adds luster
to the same, 
long life to her,
for there’s no other,
who takes the place
of my dear mother.
You cared for me,
When I was small.
You did your best
And gave me your all.
Now that I am bigger
This is forever true, 
Dearest Mother, 
I love you!

Mother's Day Activity Book
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