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Ostrich Braille Art Design

Create an ostrich while practicing braille with this new braille art design.

Three ostriches running in a field

Braille art is a fun way to promote braille literacy, create accessible greeting cards, and motivate students who are blind or visually impaired.

See below for instructions to create an ostrich braille art design.

Line 1: Space 28, with, for, of, question mark
Line 2: Space 27, for 2 times, ow, o, for, question mark
Line 3: Space 27, q, for 5 times, v
Line 4: Space 27, with, q, f, c 4 times, a
Line 5: Space 26, was, for, f
Line 6: Space 25, was, for, f
Line 7: Space 24, was, for, f
Line 8: Space 23, was, for, f
Line 9: Space 8, was, with, for 6 times, of, space 5 times, was, for, f
Line 10: Space 2, was, space 3 times, was, with, for 10 times, of, space, w, for 3 times, r
Line 11: Space, was, for, of, space, was, with, for 12 times, of, with, q
Line 12: Space 2, er, for 2 times, question mark, for 15 times, q
Line 13: Space 4, er, for 15 times, q
Line 14: Space 5, er, for 13 times, q
Line 15: Space 6, er, for 11 times, q
Line 16: Space 8, er, hyphen, q, d, g, f, er, hyphen, q
Line 17: Space 8, dots 456, space, l, space 3 times, dots 456, space, l
Line 18, 19, and 20: repeat line 17
Line 21: Space 8, ow, space, o, space 3 times, ow, space, o
Line 22, 23, and 24: repeat line 17
Line 25: Space 8, the, was 2 times, z, space 2 times, the, was 2 times, z

Print out version of instructions can be found below:

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