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VeeZee Publications logo, inclusive early literacy books and resources.

VeeZee Publications Produce Inclusive Books and Resources to Include Emergent Literacy Learners with Low Vision

Picture of three cars with the word "cars" spelled out in large font with Dr. Romans Word Bubbling around it.
Apps and technology

CVI Learning Videos

The Yellow Book cover from the CVI Book Nook with a banana, baby duck, bowl, and button pictures.

The CVI Book Nook

LOOK logo that has the word look with an owl
Apps and technology

Taking a “Look” at the CVI Reading Tool

My Five Senses poster with tactile representation and words on it for see, taste, hear, touch, and smell. There is a flashlight for see, bell for hear, candy for taste, cotton for touch, and sticker for smell.
Lessons and materials

Ideas to Use with our Young Students

Screen shot of a YouTube video showing the number 6 with touch math concepts
Lessons and materials

YouTube Learning Videos for Students with Visual Impairments