Measurement Resources Leaflet

Resources for teaching measurement to students who are blind or visually impaired

Resources to support:

Measuring Tools

See separate sheets – top tips for measuring with a ruler – sighted and non-sighted.

Capacity and Volume

Use a wide range of containers from large to very small to experiment and understand capacity and volume at the concrete stage. Provide lots of opportunities for concrete experience.
containers from large to small
Measuring Spoons Activity
  • Box of rice, or lentils, plus a set of measuring spoons, from TTS Educational Supplies (set of 35)
  • Measuring spoon set – Purchased from Lakeland, Tesco, Asda
measuring spoonsmeasuring spoonseye droppers
Jumbo Eye Droppers
  • 6 jumbo eye droppers from Learning Resources, you could add a number to each dropper. The stand makes a great Braille cell!

Telling the Time


Recognition of Money Activity

Adapt other resources – I used a tactile matching game here from the RNIB. I turned over each cylinder and added a Braille label with a different amount of money brailled on each one. The child then selects the coinage to make up the amount of money and places it in the little indented location in front of each cylinder.
tactile matching game
money activity
Numicon Money Activity
  • Use coins to make up 4p, 6p, 7p, 9p etc
Recognition of Money Game
  • Coin sorting tray sold by Learning Resources
  • Also see sheet of ideas for games to support and understand money and coins
coin sorter
measurement resources collage