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The Process of Considering Assistive Technology

Introduction to the considerations in selecting assistive technology (AT) to a student with disabilities

The Process of Considering Assistive Technology (AT) is a 5-minute video produced by the Utah Assistive Technology Teams with a grant from the Utah State Office of Education.  It provides an introduction to AT, looking at both AT devices and services.  Considerations include the following steps:

  1. Review student’s present level of achievement and academic performance
  2. Discuss and determine student’s IEP goals
  3. Identify tasks to accomplish IEP goals across all environments
  4. IEP teams should then ask, “What does the student need to do that he/she cannot do because of his/her disability?”
  5. Identify appropriate supports and services, including any assistive technology needed

Assistive Technology Consideration Quick WheelThe video also describes and discusses the value of using the Assistive Technology Consideration Quick Wheel in this process (available through CEC).  This helps to examine low tech and high tech devices, access, and more.




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