Tactile Vision Graphics

Find tactile graphics for educational and personal use, including braille coloring books, braille biology tactile diagrams, and materials to promote braille literacy.

Tactile Vision Graphics is a private company with offices in Canada and the United Kingdom.  Founded by Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet, they are committed to providing high-quality access to information for people with a vision impairment.

They offer:

  • tactile graphics production on demand
  • a growing online products catalogue with 300 products of all kinds, including educational resources, reference materials and maps, special education activities, books, greeting cards
  • 3D print and braille signage
  • personalised braille transcription
  • braille transcription for any document – large or small, business or personal, from literary works to a handwritten letter;
  • multi-lingual braille transcription
  • braille business cards;
  • proof-reading
Parents and educators may be especially interested in the children’s books, tactile coloring books, tactile biology diagrams, activity books, such as braille mazes, and more!
The Alphabet Book Cover  Cover of Amazing Mazes  
respiratory system  Braille coloring book